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CTU Research Team

About the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit Research Team

The Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat UnitSM (CTUSM) research team's primary objective is to protect Dell SecureWorks customers through application of its research and intelligence capabilities into all aspects of Dell SecureWorks operations.

Leveraging global threat visibility, proprietary toolsets and unmatched expertise, the CTU actively monitors the cyber threat landscape and performs in-depth analysis of emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities. The CTU uses the knowledge gained to develop countermeasures to protect our current Managed Security Service customers, to provide additional threat intelligence capabilities to customers, and to educate the public at large of the threats they face. At the same time, the CTU shares its research and intelligence with our Security Operations Centers and security consulting teams.

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Consisting of some of the most highly regarded security researchers in the world with diverse experience and backgrounds in the private security, military and intelligence communities, the Dell SecureWorks CTU research team has a strong reputation for publishing high-quality research on real threats to businesses. Our experts are frequently the first to market with the identification of new exploit techniques and the analysis of emerging threats, and their expertise is often specifically sought by government agencies, media outlets and large enterprises.

CTU researchers are among the most proficient in the industry, with exceptional talent for malware analysis, reverse engineering, counter threat intelligence, forensics and cybercrime investigation. The CTU's Global Threat Intelligence service provides security organizations with the latest information on emerging threats, various threat and attacker feeds, rising threat actors, recommended vulnerability patches, and the CTU's Cyber Security Index status.

CTU researchers monitor thousands of information outlets and sources around the world. Our experts leverage hundreds of formal and informal relationships with other security experts and research groups to ensure they are always abreast of the latest threats to information security.

With our broad visibility and relationships, CTU researchers are able to identify threats in advance, assess their severity and provide recommendations for protecting your assets before damage is done. If you would like to know if your network has been breached but are not sure if it has, we provide Targeted Threat Hunting services to comb your network for a possible cyber threat adversary. If your network has been breached, it is critical to implement your organizations Incident Response Plan as soon as possible. If you do not have an Incident Response Plan, we can help with that also. Having protective measures in place is critical to any organization whether it is for compliance or to avoid financial loss. The best way to start protecting your organization is by first training your employees. Dell SecureWorks CTU researchers can also provide Information Security Awareness Training Solutions to prepare your employees on a potential cyber-attack.

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