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Targeted Threat Intelligence

Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Services

Targeted cyber security threats represent the greatest challenge to information security and the financial well-being of your enterprise. The stakes are high and involve the potential for intellectual property theft, financial loss, the compromise of customer information, public embarrassment and ultimately, the health and longevity of your organization. Because a targeted threat actor will select their target and marshal the resources needed to launch a sustained campaign against your organization, security leaders and security analysts must have greater visibility than ever before to threats beyond the edges of their networks. 

Dell SecureWorks Targeted Threat Intelligence services give you the actionable security intelligence and expert security consultation needed to monitor for threats beyond the edges of your network. Identify and assess targeted cyber security threats and the actors behind them, gain insight into ongoing exploits at a detailed level, and take proactive steps to defend against them. Get access to elite threat intelligence research identifying new tools, tactics and procedures and discuss your concerns directly with expert resources, when you need them.

Protect Your Most Important Assets from Cyber Security Threats 

Understanding what makes your organization attractive in the eyes of threat actors is an important step to understanding what you need to protect.


Protect Your Brand and Executives with Threat Intelligence Services

Get Visibility Into the Threats that Concern You Most

The spectrum of actors that may target your organization is broad and their motivations can be driven by a dispassionate desire for financial gain or by an emotional desire to do harm to your organization. Learn how our threat intelligence services can protect your organization from those actors that most concern you.


Visibility Into Nation-State, Organized Cybercriminal and Cyber Espionage Actors

Visibility Into Hacktivists, Cybercriminals and Disgruntled Persons


Start Protecting Your Data From Cyber Security Threats Today

Contact a Cyber Threat Intelligence Expert at Dell SecureWorks to learn more about our Targeted Threat Intelligence solutions.






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