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Emergency Incident Response

Critical Help When You Need It

When your IT assets are under attack, a rapid and effective Incident Response Plan is essential to minimizing the threat and safeguarding critical systems and data. Any delay in incident response only compounds the damages and losses from a network security breach. Unfortunately, many IT organizations lack the preparedness and resources to effectively identify, contain and eradicate an active cyber security threat across their environment.

The Dell SecureWorks Incident Response and Digital Forensics practice provides rapid containment and eradication of threats, minimizing the duration and impact of a security breach. Leveraging elite cyber threat intelligence and global threat visibility, we can help you prepare for, respond to and recover from even the most complex and large-scale security incidents.

Get the situation rapidly under control

Time is of the essence during a security incident. How quickly and thoroughly your organization responds significantly affects the scope and total cost of a breach.

Dell SecureWorks provides rapid response to assess, contain and mitigate attacks against your organization. Once an incident is declared, our certified incident handlers begin working with you to analyze the threat, understand its purpose and take the appropriate steps to contain and eliminate it from your network. Should we discover a new type of threat, our Malware Code Analysis experts can analyze and assess the threat and purpose of the malicious code to better understand what your organization faces. We can even disable a phishing website that is targeting your business through our Phishing Takedown service.

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Understand the extent of the breach and what has been compromised

Emergency Incident ResponseDetermining the source and full extent of a breach is vital to containing the incident and addressing the root cause. Knowing what clues and threat indicators to look for and where is a huge challenge. Because an attacker could exploit other areas of your network, you must also have high confidence that the threat has been completely eradicated.

Dell SecureWorks Emergency Incident Response services help you achieve contain, mitigate and eradicate the threat. Armed with the latest threat intelligence on actors and their tradecraft, our Emergency Incident Response security experts sniff out the threat to contain and remove it from your environment. Through our Digital Forensics and Malware Code Analysis, we quickly and accurately assess the nature of the breach, its purpose and the extent of any compromise to your network and information assets.

Enable your command structure

When a security breach occurs, critical decisions must be made to effectively respond. Responding to incidents involves many stakeholders, including executive teams, legal counsel, public relations, etc. This is especially important in cases where the type of data compromised, such as customer records or sensitive financial information, mandates the fulfillment of legal and/or fiduciary obligations.

Dell SecureWorks’ Emergency Incident Response services help your leadership understand the threat and optimize its decision making. Our emergency incident response experts provide independent and objective advisory services based on evidence collected during incident handling. Working with your key stakeholders, we help you manage the cost and impact of a security breach on your business.

Assess, learn and improve from a security breach

Following identification of a security breach, plenty of work still remains. It is critical to remain in a heightened state of alert to completely eradicate the threat. Once this is accomplished, only then can you move into documenting the incident. This latter phase can entail specific legal procedures for the proper handling of “evidence” for any future proceedings. Failure to properly record and handle evidence could weaken law enforcement's ability of to apprehend and prosecute the parties responsible for the attack.

Dell SecureWorks’ Emergency Incident Response services provide the resources and knowledge needed to help you manage post-incident response activities, documentation of evidence, and post-mortem analysis (so your team can learn and improve from the incident). In addition, our experts can assist you in meeting legal, regulatory and compliance reporting requirements.

Dell SecureWorks Emergency Incident Response and Post-Incident Response services include:

Incident Handling Service

The Incident Handling service provides rapid incident handling to identify the threat, respond, and address any compromise to your network and information assets.

Incident Management Service

The Incident Management service provides communication and consultative guidance to key stakeholders to expedite decision making and bolster overall effectiveness.

Digital Forensics Investigation

Digital Forensics Investigation services work to identify the source and reach of an infection in your environment. The service employs evidentiary procedures for capturing and analyzing records and data.

Malware Code Analysis

The Malware Code Analysis service is designed to deconstruct and analyze newly identified security threats in order to understand their design and purpose.

Other Incident Response Services

Dell SecureWorks' Emergency Incident Response services also address threat eradication and recovery, postmortem analysis, documentation capture, testimony and assistance with reporting required by regulatory, legal and compliance-related bodies.

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