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Anti-Phishing Services & Phishing Takedown

Anti-Phishing Services and Phishing TakedownPhishing attacks rely on increasingly sophisticated email scams and fraudulent websites to socially engineer your customers and employees into divulging sensitive data such as account numbers and authentication credentials. Because the fraudulent websites are operational outside of your network – often in foreign regions of the world – shutting them down and ending the threat to your business requires strong relationships with ISPs and key international organizations. When institutions are attacked, they often lack the process, knowledge and resources to respond quickly and effectively. In addition, cybercriminals may stage their attack after hours and on weekends — when your team is least able to respond.

Around the clock, Dell SecureWorks provides the tools and expertise to restore customer confidence and turn the tables on the attackers.

Dell SecureWorks provides the following Anti-Phishing services to help companies both prior to and after a phishing incident occurs:

Phishing Incident Preparation

Phishing Incident Response Plan

Having a Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) in hand immediately following an attack is critical. The incident handling plan provides a detailed response blueprint including procedures, processes, responsibilities, and points of contact. The CSIRP will reflect roles and responsibilities as well as steps for communicating time-sensitive phishing-related information. The plan should also be influenced by the latest cyber threat intelligence on actors and tradecraft.

Phishing Incident Response

Dell SecureWorks' IT Security professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to begin incident response. The team will start by laying out the details of the attack, including:

  • Networking analysis: traceroute, DNS lookups, ARIN searches, OS fingerprinting, scanning, system enumeration, foot-printing, etc
  • Application analysis: website code reviews, email analysis, server configuration, etc
  • Research: IRC, USENET, Websites
  • Propagation methodologies and magnitudes
  • Severity Assessment
  • Log review: web logs, server logs, firewall logs, etc
Countermeasures and Coordination

Dell SecureWorks will recommend, coordinate, manage and facilitate an appropriate selection of countermeasures for incident response. We work with key anti-phishing and security organizations including FIRST (the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams; Dell SecureWorks is a full member), the United States FBI and Secret Service, CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team), and the the Anti-Phishing working group. We also work with local and foreign ISP’s, foreign law enforcement, and vendors.

Interim Reporting

Dell SecureWorks will provide interim reports to keep key personnel apprised of the response and other involved parties.

Post Incident Analysis and Management Report

After a major incident has been resolved, Dell SecureWorks will review and document how effective your incident response process was and work to identify needed improvements to existing security controls and practices. Dell SecureWorks will produce a post-incident report with an executive summary that discusses the impact to your organization, your business and your customers.

Phishing Takedown

If your organization is being targeted by phishing attacks, Dell SecureWorks is available 24x7x365 to recommend, coordinate, manage and facilitate an appropriate selection of countermeasures including taking down the phishing site.

Contact an Information Security Consultant at Dell SecureWorks at 1.877.884.1110 for more information.

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