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Incident Response Testing & Capability Analysis

Be Prepared: Test Your Incident Response Plan

Incident Management Proactive ServicesA tested Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) is critical to minimizing the duration and impact of a security breach.

Through real-world simulations, Dell SecureWorks Incident Response security experts can test and evaluate the effectiveness of your CSIRP, your response procedures and how well your team responds to an attack. Periodic testing of your Computer Security Incident Response Plan will ensure will ensure your team is ready to act when a major security incident occurs.

Reduce the costs of a security breach to your organization

A security breach will impact the bottom line of any organization. It will cost your organization money through lost productivity and opportunity, lost sales activity and damage to your reputation and brand. A security breach can also erode IT's credibility in the eyes of executives.

Through Dell SecureWorks Incident Response Testing & Capability Analysis services, our IT Security consultants work with you to test the effectiveness of your incident response plan. Through our CSIRP Gap Analysis service and tabletop exercises, we evaluate your team's plans and capacity to respond to and contain a major security breach. Simulations are based on our latest threat intelligence on actors and their tradecraft and are designed to stress and assess your team and procedures during an incident. During the tabletop exercises, we educate you and your team on Incident Response best practices. In the end, your team is primed for an actual security incident with a CSIRP that has undegone a robust evaluation process.

Heighten the security expertise of your organization

Having an incident response plan in place is a crucial first step to ensuring that your team has the information and processes needed to respond to a security breach. However, most organizations lack the experience and independence to perform self-testing to determine their preparedness when faced with a security breach.

Through Dell SecureWorks Incident Response Testing & Capability Analysis services, our consultants put your team through the paces and provide valuable insights and guidance along the way.

Through our tabletop exercises, your team is subjected to simulations based on both commodity and targeted threats such as cybercrime and an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). what we see happening in the cyber-world today. We show you ways that your systems and network can be breached and countermeasures you can use to combat attempts to penetrate your defenses. We demonstrate the critical steps you need to take during an actual security breach that will help you contain the threat as quickly and as effectively as possible.

In the end, we leave you and your team with a heightened level of expertise and understanding about the threats your organization can face and how to effectively mount a response to them.

Available Incident Response Testing & Capability Analysis Services:

CSIRP Gap Analysis

Dell SecureWorks security consultants will conduct a detailed review of your existing plan documentation, capabilities, personnel and procedures. Dell SecureWorks provides guidance and recommendations to increase the effectiveness of your overall CSIRP and response.

Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises are designed to assess your response to both commodity and advanced or targeted threat scenarios. Advanced threats will often have different indicators, tactics and containment requirements than typical incident response methodologies. Leveraging years of real-world experience responding to these more sophisticated attacks, Dell SecureWorks will present scenarios that reflect the actual Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) used by advanced threat actors.

Incident Response Retainer Service

A best practice for many organizations is to retain Incident Response services that can be called upon when a breach occurs. Reserved at a prepaid rate, retained response services are an affordable way to guarantee availability and support from highly skilled resources when you need them most. Resources can be onsite during a security breach in as little as 36 hours.

We recommend that organizations perform periodic testing of the CSIRP. It is critical that you stay familiar with incident response procedures and to assess if there is a need for modification to the plan.

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