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Web Security Services

Managed Web Security Services to Protect Critical Web Assets

An essential layer of defense for any organization is Web Threat Security that prevents rapidly evolving Web-borne malware, advanced cyber threats and various information security risks from disrupting your business and compromising sensitive data. Web apps have become an easy target for cybercriminals. They have the capabilities to bypass traditional network security and host based security technologies. To ensure the highest possible level of information security for your organization, it requires proactive research, testing, assessment, analysis, real-time scanning, monitoring and management. Dell SecureWorks offers customers a portfolio of Web Security Services that help you defend your critical Web resources, safeguard sensitive data and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.


Web Security Services from Dell SecureWorks

Managed UTM

As a Web Security Service, Dell SecureWorks Managed Unified Threat Management (UTM) service protects your organization from cyber security breaches and advanced malware attacks with a single, integrated solution that oversees multiple layers of network security defenses. Dell SecureWorks information security experts monitor your infrastructure 24x7 applying proper configurations and implement regular system updates.

PCI Scanning

Secure your network, protect cardholder data and achieve PCI Compliance with PCI Scanning from Dell SecureWorks. As a Web Security Service, PCI scanning is able to monitor externally facing systems, identify information security vulnerabilities, assist in the remediation process, submit PCI scanning compliance reports to your banks and enable you to complete and submit SAQs online. Avoid hefty penalties and don't lose customer confidence in your organization.

Security Monitoring

Real time analysis of information security alerts and log monitoring of network activity by IT security experts in our Security Operations Centers . Dell SecureWorks Security Monitoring service helps your organization to protect against both internal information security threats that could be caused by an employee as well as external cyber threats from an advanced adversary.

Threat Intelligence

Not many organizations have the time, experience or resources to actively research emerging cyber threats and zero-day vulnerabilities all while performing daily business functions. Dell SecureWorks CTU research team has the visibility across thousands of customer networks and firsthand experience with protecting networks for a variety of industries. As a Web Security Service, Threat Intelligence proactively combats potential information security threats to your organization with tailored intelligence for your environment.

Vulnerability Assessment

Understand your networks true information security posture and how to improve it through Dell SecureWorks Vulnerability Assessment service. Our information security experts perform both automated and manual tests to analyze your organizations environment and check for easy paths cyber attackers can gain access to.

Vulnerability Scanning

Highly accurate internal and external audits across your organizations network devices, servers, Web applications, databases, cloud environment and other critical assets. Dell SecureWorks Vulnerability Scanning is a Web Security Service completely managed and maintained by Dell SecureWorks information security experts. Identify where your information security is exposed satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Web Application Assessment

Web Application Security Assessments service from Dell SecureWorks provides audits and tests to your web applications while providing actionable recommendations to protect your environment. We deliver all web application security findings to you to implement risk management procedures or information security experts can assist in performing the implementations.

Web Application Firewall

Block unwanted or malicious web application traffic while allowing legitimate traffic with Dell SecureWorks Web Application Firewall service. Our information security experts provide a tailored service to each customer's unique environment while implementing best practices to ensure proper network access, maintain web application availability and deliver peak firewall security performance.

Web Application Scanning

Dell SecureWorks Web Application Scanning service performs scans on your internal and external web application security for your physical, virtual and cloud environments. We test all entry attack points, including cookies, referrer, URL parameters, form fields and directories. Our information security experts will provide performance tuning and scheduling options to keep your organization up to date on the latest cyber security threats.

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