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Cloud Security

From the Ground up, We Secure You in the Cloud

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud Security is the comprehensive set of policies, technologies and controls used to protect information, data, applications, and the connected organisational infrastructure of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Security Concerns

Cloud service providers offer flexible infrastructure, fast provisioning and quick go to market appeal, but concerns regarding information security and data protection have held back the tide of potential deployments by organisations.

How Can Dell SecureWorks Cloud Security Services Help My Organisation?

Dell SecureWorks Cloud Security Services offers the industry's broadest portfolio of security services designed to help organisations take full advantage of the cloud. Dell SecureWorks cloud security experts can help you address all stages of your cloud deployments to minimise cloud security risks from initial evaluation and architecture, to ongoing assessments and testing. Should your organisation experience a cyber-security breach, we can also help with incident response to quickly contain and remove the threat.

At What Stage Are You in Your Cloud Deployment?

Dell SecureWorks Provides Cloud Security Consulting at Every Stage

Whether you are in the early planning stages of a cloud deployment or are already fully utilising the cloud, ensuring the security of your applications and data is paramount. Use the framework below to understand how organisations should think about and address security in the cloud.

cloud security solutions

Data Sheet - Cloud Security SolutionsLearn more about how you can address security and accelerate your deployment to the cloud with Dell SecureWorks cloud security solutions.

Download the Cloud Security Data Sheet here >>



Dell SecureWorks Cloud Security Services

cloud security strategy and cloud security architecture

Strategise and Architect

Start with a plan for a secure cloud deployment
  • Plan your cloud deployment with a blueprint to protect applications and data
  • Get tactical and rapid reviews of key security components to maintain information security
  • Pinpoint cloud security vulnerabilities through gap analysis
cloud security applications and cloud security data

Secure Applications and Data

24 x 7 scanning of your cloud-based applications
  • Focus on real, exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Ensure applications are patched up to date and protected
  • Reduce administrative overhead and automate repeatable testing processes
Test Your Cloud Security

Test Your Cloud Security

Test your security posture in the cloud
  • Learn the vulnerabilities that matter most if a threat actor attacks
  • Test whether a hacker could gain access to your cloud instance or the data behind it
  • Conduct remote Red Team engagements to simulate cyberattacks and identify gaps in your security posture and controls
Assess Your Deployment

Assess Your Deployment

Conduct a controls assessment and protect sensitive data
  • Integrate cloud security controls into your overall security program
  • Minimise risk and improve security
  • Adhere to a framework to ensure you are following best practices
cloud security compliance

Meet Compliance

Attain compliance objectives through a consultative and partnership approach
  • Meet all regulatory, legal and compliance requirements when deploying in the cloud
  • Get recommendations on the risks that matter most to your organisation
  • Reduce scope with guidance from experienced and highly qualified security consultants
cloud security breach

Respond to a Breach

Respond to a security breach now
  • Minimise the duration and impact of a cyber-incident
  • Get expert resources to help you rapidly contain and eradicate the threat
  • Take advantage of proactive services to establish an effective Incident Response plan for the cloud

Cloud Security Application Services

Amazon Web Services

Dell SecureWorks cloud security for amazon web services

Depending on where you are in your Amazon Web Services cloud journey, Dell SecureWorks has security services to help protect your data and applications.

Learn more about AWS Cloud Security here >>

Microsoft Azure

Dell SecureWorks cloud security for microsoft azure

Dell SecureWorks can help organisations when deploying services in Microsoft Azure.

Learn more about Azure Cloud Security here >>

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