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Security Programme Development and Governance

Accelerate the Maturity of Your Programs

Security & Governance Program DevelopmentWorld-class IT organizations are built on a solid foundation of strategic security programs and governance policies. However, many IT organizations lack the insight, resources or knowledge to design or update effective security programs that incorporate known best practices tailored to their organizations.

Dell SecureWorks’ Security & Governance Program Development services provide you the security, risk and compliance expertise to help you develop your strategic security and governance programs. 

Accelerate the maturity of your security programs

Growing IT organizations may not have the foundational programs in place to address key areas of security and risk. Alternatively, more established organizations may not have updated their existing programs to meet new business and organizational circumstances. In either case, the organization lacks the proper foundation or level of preparedness consistent with a robust world-class IT function.

Dell SecureWorks’ Security & Governance Program Development services help you establish or update your organization’s critical foundational programs. Whether a Corporate Information Security Program, a Computer Incident Response Plan or more specialized programs, our security consultants help you accelerate the maturity of your IT and security organization. 

Get the critical help you need in a resource-constrained environment

IT is expected to support operations, drive efficiencies, and handle a myriad of tactical and firefighting requests at any given time. These responsibilities can interfere with IT’s ability to develop and maintain current security and governance programs, and hobble the organization’s long-term effectiveness.

Dell SecureWorks’ Security & Governance Program Development services help you develop robust security and governance programs, based on industry and observed best practices. Our consultants understand constraints you may have and work to deliver programs and associated documentation to your organization as efficiently as possible. In a few short weeks, you can have a robust security program in place versus the months it can take to develop programs in a resource-constrained environment.

Establish programs based on industry best practices

World-class IT organizations often incorporate known best practices and standards when forming security and governance policies. But many organizations lack the visibility into these best practices, leading to critical oversights that adversely impact the quality of developed programs.

Dell SecureWorks’ Security & Governance Programs Development services can help you develop robust programs that incorporate best practices that fit your particular circumstances. Our security consultants have extensive knowledge and experience developing programs that incorporate best-known methods recommended by industry, as well as methods we observe during our customer engagements.  

Establish key charters and security programs

When using an external security consultant to aid in developing security and governance programs, many organizations receive only a prescription for what should be done. Unfortunately, it is not enough to leave behind a blueprint or roadmap, especially when one factor in the decision to hire an outside firm was limited internal resources.

Dell SecureWorks’ Security & Governance Program Development services deliver a cohesive, detailed program with supporting documentation. Depending on the program you need, this can include documentation such as program descriptions, policies, standards and key charters. You get more than a roadmap; you get a turnkey program that improves your organization’s security posture and preparedness from day one.

Make compliance part of your corporate security programs

Incorporating compliance mandates into any security program adds an additional layer of complexity. Focusing on compliance considerations first can expose an organization to the fallacy that being compliant also means your environment is secure.  

Through Dell SecureWorks’ Security & Governance Program Development services, our consultants will develop an integrated security program that addresses your security concerns and compliance requirements. We know being compliant does not mean your environment is also secure. Our security consultants take a “security first” approach to compliance which overall creates a more robust security and governance program for your organization.

Dell SecureWorks Security & Governance Program Development services include:

Corporate Information Security Program Development

The Corporate Information Security Program Development service helps businesses assess their current security practices and develop a strategic plan for a corporate-wide security program. The program includes development of program descriptions, charter development, policy development and standards mapping.

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Computer Security Incident Response Program (CSIRP) Development

The Dell SecureWorks Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) Development service assists in developing a CSIRP to allow you to reliably detect and respond to security incidents.    

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Internal Audit Support

Dell SecureWorks’ Internal Audit Support service provides security and risk expertise to extend the capabilities of your Internal Audit team.

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Security Awareness Program Development

The Security Awareness Program Development service helps you design impactful Security Awareness Training programs based on best practices and the expert advice of consultants who innately understand information security, the sophistication and tradecraft of the actors you face, and the importance your employees play in protecting your organization.

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If you would like more information on our Security & Governance Program Development services, please email or phone 0870 085 8555 to speak to one of our advisers.

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