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                Microsoft Azure

                Manage and Protect Your Cloud Workloads in Azure

                Cloud is seen as the way forward for business transformation, but using a Cloud Services Provider doesn’t include abdicating security responsibilities. Our cloud security advisors will help you make sure your data is secure both on premises and in the cloud.

                While Microsoft Azure provides a number of security protocols, they are not comprehensive across all services. From shared technology to insecure APIs to cloud hijacks, made possible by stolen passwords, cloud security can be challenging. Fear of security breaches, data sovereignty and compliance issues also keep organisations from moving critical infrastructure to the cloud. Ensuring that your data is encrypted when traveling between cloud and on premise functions can also be difficult to substantiate and maintain.

                Using the services of cloud security advisors can help organisations address the cloud in a responsible way—whether you are just getting started or have initial deployments to assess and test.

                Third-party validation for your cloud security can ease your concerns by identifying any vulnerabilities that should be addressed with infrastructure and applications hosted in the cloud.

                Hybrid clouds that blend on premise data with public cloud infrastructure present the need for an integrated approach to your security posture. Regardless of where you are in your hybrid cloud maturity process, our cloud security services can help you:

                • Strategise and architect
                • Test your cloud security
                • Assess your existing deployments
                • Understand and meet compliance goals

                Key Benefits:

                • Understand and meet compliance goals: identify cloud strategies and options to meet business goals
                • Enhance compliance: protect data and intellectual property wherever it resides
                • Assess cloud deployments: engage objective cloud experts to test your cloud security

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