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                AWS Cloud Incident Response

                Respond Rapidly To and Minimise The Impact of a Security Breach

                Although the cloud environment is new, the complexity of its ecosystem should not be overlooked.

                Having a partner who has experience responding to threats within the AWS cloud environment is critical for determining the scope and impact of suspected intrusions.

                When an incident occurs inside your Amazon Web Services cloud environment, obtaining details behind the attack is more complex than with traditional on premise security infrastructures. Only highly technical and trained responders have the knowledge and expertise to provide a proper investigation and help you mitigate risk in your AWS cloud.

                As you integrate cloud computing into your IT infrastructure, the Secureworks Incident Response and Management Team is ready to help you develop a response plan before an incident. We’ll also weather the storm with you after you experience a security breach to quickly eradicate the threat. Our security incident response team supports cyber incident response assessments and investigations for public, private, and hybrid cloud computing architectures.

                Leveraging elite cyber threat intelligence and global visibility, our AWS security consultants can help you detect, respond and prevent future security incidents in the cloud.

                Our Incident Responders deliver the following services inside the AWS cloud environment:

                AWS Incident Response Key Benefits:

                • Minimise the duration and impact of a security breach
                • Our security experts help you weather the storm and stop the threat
                • Reduce costs with remote support by phone along with immediate results
                • We’ll help determine the scope and impact of suspected intrusions

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