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                AWS Managed Cloud Security

                Increase your productivity and stop chasing false alarms with 24x7 AWS cloud security monitoring

                IT staffs are deluged by the data generated from thousands of daily events from virtual appliances and applications in the cloud as well as physical devices on premises.

                Migrating to the Amazon Web Services cloud doesn’t make security logs go away. Log events must be analysed and correlated to rapidly identify potential threats before damage occurs. Monitoring is also fundamental to maintaining compliance with industry mandates.

                You can increase your productivity and stop chasing false alarms with our 24x7 expert management, support and monitoring for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Our Managed AWS Cloud Security Solutions provides integrated monitoring with the rest of your security landscape.

                Integrated monitoring involves more than just analytics of volumes of data. Our cloud security experts help you leverage actionable intelligence that identifies true anomalies from routine events. Global visibility from our Client Portal provides advanced reporting, self-service learning, and threat recommendations designed to increase your productivity as you leverage the public cloud. Now you can move to the AWS cloud with confidence.

                Managed Security Benefits

                • Reduce costs - Stop wading through vast amounts of events across the cloud and on-premises environments.
                • Minimise risk - Rely on expert security monitoring for AWS and actionable intelligence that separates the real threats from the noise.
                • Speed to protection - 24x7 integrated monitoring gives you security visibility across AWS and the on-premises environment.
                • Leverage the AWS cloud with confidence - Move to the cloud with confidence when you rely on the cloud managed security experts to protect and maintain control over assets and information

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