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                Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis

                Get to the Bottom of How Your Systems Were Penetrated and What Has Been Compromised

                During a breach, it's important to move quickly to contain the threat and minimise the impact by getting to the root cause. However, overlooking evidentiary procedures can limit your ability to help legal or governmental authorities pursue the threat actor.

                Cybercriminals are sneaky; good at hiding and waiting until the moment is right to strike. Once threat actors make their move, it's vital to determine the full extent of the breach and understand how far your systems have been penetrated, as well as exactly what has been exfiltrated. In many cases this can only be accomplished through in-depth digital forensics or computer forensic investigation.

                In other cases, you may be unsure that a breach has occurred and a proper digital forensics investigation can help you confirm that it has.

                Your best choice in either situation is to use information security consultants trained in evidentiary procedures to ensure integrity and admissibility of their findings.

                Through the Secureworks Digital Forensics service, our Information Security Consultants move quickly to capture and analyse data stored in your hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives and other media formats through Incident Response procedures.

                Our IT Security team will thoroughly investigate the incident while keeping you informed of all results. Computer forensic investigation can be performed during Incident Response Handling or independently, depending on your needs. Our experts leverage elite cyber threat intelligence to investigate the breach, determine its likely cause, and help you contain and eradicate the threat from your environment as quickly as possible.

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