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                Targeted Threat Response

                Targeted Threat Response is Designed to Help You Contain and Eradicate the Identified Threat

                Our incident responders help you define customised containment and eradication plans for rapid execution across the organisation during a specified timeframe, locking down systems and adversary access. We also monitor for re-entry attempts to ensure defences.

                Once sophisticated cyber threat actors successfully penetrate your information security defenses, they will work to establish a persistent presence across your network. They introduce additional malware attacks while seeking to elevate their access privileges. These efforts complicate the containment and complete removal of the IT security threat from your environment. Even when a threat actor realises you have closed off one of their points of access or touchpoint, they will immediately attempt to gain re-entry through another.

                The Secureworks Targeted Threat Response service provides you with rapid containment and eradication of sophisticated cyber threats, minimising the duration and impact of an information security breach. Leveraging elite cyber threat intelligence and global visibility, the security consultant helps you respond to and recover from the most complex security incidents involving sophisticated targeted operations such as cyber espionage and Advanced Persistent Threats.

                With Targeted Threat Response our Security consultants can:

                • Minimise the duration and impact of an information security breach and help you weather the storm
                • Get rapid engagement by Incident Response IT security experts when an information security breach is detected in your network
                • Contain and eradicate the most sophisticated targeted cyber threats including Advanced Persistent Threats and cyber espionage

                Key Benefits:

                • Minimise the duration and impact of a security breach
                • Our security experts help you weather the storm and stop the threat
                • Analyse the root cause of the threat to prevent it in the future

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