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                Incident Response Workshops & Exercises

                Improve Your Incident Response Capabilities with Support from Our Experts

                A cyberattack can impact the bottom line of your organisation resulting in lost productivity and opportunity, lost sales activity and damage to your reputation and brand.

                It also can erode your IT team's credibility in the eyes of executives. To better prepare for a cyberattack you should test your security response procedures, learn from previous incidents, and seek guidance on best practices from reputable security professionals.

                The good news is that you can prepare. Just because a threat actor attempts to infiltrate your network, doesn’t mean you have to fall victim. Secureworks offers both workshops and exercises that offer an opportunity to learn best practices and test your security infrastructure.

                Response Workshops:

                We provide optional upfront services to learn about your organisation and for you to learn how we can help you solve your security challenges. These workshops also give you an opportunity to get guidance about what our experts are seeing in the field and answer any questions regarding incident response and planning.

                Available Incident Response (IR) Training Workshop options may include:

                • IR Fundamentals
                • Evidence Handling and Chain of Custody
                • Volatile Data Collection and Analysis
                • Forensic Imaging Techniques
                • Basic Forensic Analysis
                • Malware Analysis for First Responders

                Response Exercises:

                IR tabletop and functional exercises feature tailored cyber threat scenarios relevant to your organisation that are intended to highlight gaps or ambiguities with your IR strategies and plans. Secureworks can help test your IR plan with facilitated tabletop and functional exercises.

                • Tabletop exercises are designed to validate roles, responsibilities, coordination and decision-making.
                • Functional exercises follow tabletop exercises to validate operational readiness

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