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                Incident Response Plan Review & Development

                Take Swift Action When Responding to and Recovering from a Security Incident

                Perhaps the people least likely in your organisation to appreciate a surprise are those on your security team. Without a plan, chaos is all but certain. Take the precaution to ensure that your team is on point with a CIRP (Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan) in hand, when a breach occurs.

                Taking the time to develop a robust CIRP can seem less important than applying those limited resources to more immediate needs. It’s also hard to know where to start when your team has limited visibility to the evolving threat landscape beyond your perimeter and may be uncertain which incident response practices work best, when. But the consequences of being unprepared when an incident occurs far outweigh the time, effort and investment in developing a strong computer incident response plan.

                With the help of our experienced security consultants, you’ll know exactly which elements are needed to create an incident response plan that serves as a blueprint for response and recovery efforts when the time comes. It starts with a definition of the set of priorities that will govern your response activities based on the specialised needs of your organisation.

                Next you’ll define generic action plans for common incident situations that lay out high-level procedures for response and recovery related to those priorities. You’ll also define roles and responsibilities to eliminate delays and confusion during an incident, making sure each person assigned has the authority to perform those activities. Your incident response plan will also define relationships with external sources and set recovery goals and objectives.

                Completed, your CIRP will detail what needs to happen so you and your team are prepared to respond quickly to minimise the duration and impact to your organisation from a security breach. Responding is so much better than reacting.

                Key Benefits of Secureworks’ Incident Response Plan Service:

                • Minimise impact and duration: respond swiftly with a blueprint
                  for action
                • Apply best practices: we’ll ensure your incident response plan has all the key elements
                • Accelerate IT maturity: a tailored game plan that heightens your team’s capabilities

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