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                Incident Management Risk Assessment

                Discover the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Security Programme

                Targeted threat actors focus on a specific target and customise and adapt their tools, tactics and procedures (TTP) to predict and circumvent security controls and standard incident response practices. The tools and countermeasures in place to detect common cyber threats are not effective against more sophisticated threat actors.

                Mapping threats to assets and vulnerabilities can help identify potential security risks. Each threat can be associated with a specific vulnerability or even multiple vulnerabilities. Unless a threat can exploit a vulnerability, it is not a risk to an asset. Determining the combinations that apply to your organisation can help to illuminate the impact and likelihood of security breaches.

                The Secureworks Advanced Threat Preparedness Assessment service evaluates your organisation’s ability to detect, resist and respond to a targeted or advanced threat. The service is designed to help organisations understand their exposure to targeted threats, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and take action to reduce their risk of compromise.

                A risk assessment will help you:

                • Assess how prepared your organisation is to detect and respond to a targeted or advanced threat including an Advanced Persistent Threat
                • Identify vulnerabilities in your security which could be used by a sophisticated actor to gain access
                • Heighten the capabilities of your team to respond to a targeted
                  cyber attack

                Key Benefits:

                • Organisational Intelligence: evaluate the critical thinking and methodologies in place
                • Policy and Documentation: align policies, procedures, and controls against targeted threats
                • Technical Capabilities Assessment: review security architecture, asset management, and disposal practices
                • Personnel Assessment: evaluate methods used to secure your normal and privileged users

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