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                Targeted Threat Hunting

                Search Your Network to Identify the Presence of Compromises and Threat Actors

                Advanced cyber threat actors are penetrating networks in ways that fly below the radar of existing information security technologies, creating hidden network threats.

                Once in, the advanced cyberattack actors expand their access privileges across your network and introduce additional malware attacks into your environment, maintaining a persistent presence. These efforts complicate the detection and complete identification of the scope of the threat present in your environment. Your IT and IT security personnel may not know if your organisation has been compromised, and lack the specialised intelligence, tools and expertise required to determine the answer. No matter the industry, whether you are in banking, healthcare or even retail, compliance can be affected due to payment card breaches or from other sensitive data being leaked due to a compromised network.

                Armed with our proprietary hunting technology, the Secureworks Targeted Threat Hunting service provides you with expert security consultants who perform a deep inspection of your environment to identify targeted threat indicators and potential attacker presence. The cyber threat could be a zero-day malware attack or even a large scale Advanced Persistent Threat and can be hidden in the file system and several other areas of your network that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

                When found, our security consultants use our extensive repository of cyber threat intelligence to illuminate the complete threat context and determine next steps to help you engage and resist the adversary.

                With Secureworks, you can:

                • Determine if your environment has been compromised by a sophisticated cyber attacker
                • Increase your confidence in system integrity and data confidentiality
                • Get guidance on information security architecture, instrumentation and controls to make your environment more resilient
                • Obtain recommendations on next steps to respond to and eradicate the cyber security threat

                For those instances where malware and indications of attacker presence are found in your environment, our security consultants can engage in Targeted Threat Response which will provide specific guidance on appropriate response and remediation steps to contain and eradicate the information security threat from your environment.

                Key Benefits:

                • Identify threat actor presence: search your network to identify the presence of a compromise
                • Recovery time: minimise the duration and impact of a security breach
                • Eradicate advanced persistent threats: help you weather the storm and stop the threat
                • Improve prevention: analyse the root cause of the threat to prevent it in the future

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