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                Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD)

                Our Specialised Security Analysts Combine Vast Intelligence with Advanced Technology to Help You See, Rapidly Analyse and Accurately Diagnose Targeted Zero-Day Threats

                Threat actors are using increasingly advanced attacks designed to evade traditional security controls. An over-reliance on technology and lack of experience are exposing weaknesses resulting in failure to detect and respond to advanced threats.

                A Ponemon study revealed the main reasons why organisations failed to stop a security breach: the attack evaded existing preventive security controls (65%) and lack of in-house expertise (35%). Threat actors are creating increasingly sophisticated malware designed to evade preventative measures, infiltrate systems from endpoint to network and prey upon weak response measures. These "zero-day" or new threats make malware harder to detect because your security team hasn't ever seen it before and has no countermeasures in place to prevent the intrusion.

                The question is, when prevention fails, how do you detect threats and have the end-to-end visibility to quickly remediate before your sensitive data is compromised?

                Organisations need a solution that ensures the right technology, intelligence and expertise are in place to detect and respond to advanced and evasive threats.

                Secureworks' Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD) service provides an elite layer of defence against emerging zero-day threats. We deploy a lightweight appliance on your network that inspects all email, file and web traffic. Suspicious traffic and files are sent to an analytics engine that uses full system emulation to detect the new class of malware designed to evade security controls. Intelligence developed by our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team is baked into the service, enhancing detection capabilities. Upon detection of compromise patterns, our security analysts use this intelligence to begin connecting the dots and deconstructing the events to give you actionable data so that you can quickly respond to the threat.

                • 24x7 security monitoring by an Advanced Analyst team in the Secureworks Counter Threat Operations Center
                • Uses our proprietary Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research team intelligence
                • Real time and historical visibility into your network and specific data around attack vector
                • A fully managed security service

                Key Benefits:

                • Full system emulation: detect a new class of malware designed to evade security controls
                • Intelligence as a service: customised research with actionable insights to help you respond
                • Accurate diagnosis: Know what you are dealing with and how to respond
                • Accelerate response: get actionable data to reduce exposure to the malware threat

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