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                Managed IDS/IPS

                Two Devices You Shouldn't Be Without

                Numerous security measures can be implemented to create an effective information security programme, but there are two tools you shouldn't be without: Network Intrusion Detection System devices (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System devices (IPS).

                IDS/IPS devices need two things to provide an effective layer of security. The devices must be tuned to the network they monitor and tuned-in to the latest threats. Getting the maximum ROI from your investment in IDS/IPS is easier with a bit of expert help.

                The tough part of big data is analysing it to know what action to take. IDS devices can generate thousands of alerts daily, many of which are false positives, which can send your team off to chase ghosts. Keeping your IDS/IPS devices tuned, up-to-date and monitored appropriately given new emerging threats can become a heavy burden for limited security resources. Shifting this burden to a managed service staffed with security device experts can offer needed relief, along with improved insights that help you take the right action to remediate identified threats.

                Enable more effective operation of your Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems by using our team of information security device experts to manage the maintenance, administration and monitoring of your IPS/IDS devices to achieve another layer of powerful security.

                If you're using Cisco, McAfee, Fortinet, Sourcefire, IBM, TippingPoint, Juniper or Secureworks' iSensor devices, we can help you with a variety of tasks to ensure high performance, including:

                • Device provisioning and deployment
                • Performance and availability management
                • Device upgrades and patch management
                • Policy and signature management
                • Real-time threat monitoring and response
                • Integrated Counter Threat Unit intelligence
                • On-demand security and compliance reporting
                • Flexible co-management options
                • Unlimited and unmetered expert support
                • Auditable and accurate change management
                • Enterprise class backup and recovery

                Key Benefits:

                • Improve IDS/IPS effectiveness: expert signature tuning and device management ensures you will get the maximum value out of your devices. Extensive base-lining is conducted to tailor detection and alerting to your network
                • Identify and respond to threats faster: our certified Security Analysts are required to hold the SANS GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) certification. They monitor your IDS/IPS alerts in real time, 24x7. When a real threat is identified, they alert you immediately and help you respond quickly
                • Bolster security with advanced intelligence: our visibility into billions of events per day enables us to identify and develop countermeasures for emerging threats. We correlate this intelligence with IDS events seen across our customer base and feed it back into our services to strengthen analysis
                • Gain visibility into security activity: the Secureworks Client Portal provides clear views into the state of your organisation's security posture with reports and dashboards that allow you to easily prove regulatory compliance

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