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                Managed iSensor® Intrusion Prevention System

                Backed by Our Proprietary Intelligence, the Secureworks Managed iSensor IPS Service Helps You Eliminate Malicious Inbound and Outbound Traffic Around the Clock, Without the Burden of Device or Signature Management

                As security needs grow more complex it becomes difficult for many organisations to deploy the resources needed to protect its network from harmful traffic that bypasses the firewall. An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) provides this critical layer of defense.

                An IPS requires vigilant 24x7 monitoring, management and maintenance to be most effective. Fine tuning to ensure rules using the latest countermeasures to thwart threat actors takes time, effort and intelligence that's been tested and verified to reduce false positives, identify cyber threats and keep critical business traffic flowing. A turnkey service that provides proactive protection from Internet threats with minimal investment and overhead can be the ideal choice.

                What makes the Managed iSensor® IPS Service your best option is the proprietary intelligence from our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team. We monitor billions of security events across our client base every day and analyse information from thousands of sources worldwide. Our security researchers use this intelligence to discover new attack techniques, vulnerabilities and threats as they emerge. This is what fuels the thousands of countermeasures that will fine tune the appliance to safeguard your network.

                Performing in-line deep packet inspection, iSensor eliminates malicious inbound and outbound traffic in real time with managed service features that also include:

                • Configuration and implementation
                • 24x7 monitoring and analysis of security events
                • Upgrades, patches, performance and availability
                • Daily audits of existing iSensor rules
                • Unmetered support from Secureworks' certified security experts
                • Advanced analysis and blocking techniques, including advanced statistical analysis, suspicious activity correlation and expert security analysis of patterns
                • On-demand security analysis and reporting

                Managed iSensor IPS Key Benefits:

                • Around-the-clock vigilance: we tune, administer and monitor iSensor to protect your network 24x7
                • Guard against the latest threats: automatic updates with 1,000s of unique countermeasures
                • Quickly find, manage real attacks: analysis filters IPS alerts to find positive and anomaly events
                • Satisfy regulatory compliance: easy way to satisfy PCI DSS, ISO27001/2 and SOX

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