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                Security Monitoring

                Improve Your Information Security Infrastructure With Expert Analysis of Network Activity

                The application of action-based insights from real-time analysis of your network data can drastically improve the time to detect and respond to a potential security threat.

                A flood of events cross your network hourly, but most are not threats to security. The daunting task for you is to identify the significant events that pose a security risk before a compromise occurs. Network security log monitoring and retention can also be used to prove the integrity of your information security infrastructure. Organisations need a team of security experts to review security logs and alerts 24x7 to identify any malicious activity.

                Using certified security analysts to compile and sift through voluminous network data to find threats that could disrupt your organisation can provide faster, in-depth analysis, cost effectively. Our intelligence-driven technology platform provides our certified security analysts with the context needed to eliminate false positives and alert you to true threats. You'll also get access to on-demand reporting via the Secureworks Client Portal to simplify compliance and streamline audits.

                Security Monitoring Solutions

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