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                Vulnerability Threat Prioritisation

                Monitor, Measure, and Prioritise Vulnerability Remediation Across Your Environment

                Top IT Security teams know that a best practice for vulnerability management is integrating internal vulnerability scanning with external threat feeds - ensuring that they're able to leverage real-world context when finding and remediating vulnerabilities.

                This is easier said than done - there's no simple way to bring together scan data and threat intelligence, and doing so often requires hours of work in order to analyse, integrate and prioritise the data.

                Our Vulnerability Threat Prioritisation service correlates external Internet threat and exploit data with user vulnerability data to monitor, measure and prioritise vulnerability remediation across your environment. Results, including risk posture visualisations, are displayed within a dedicated business intelligence dashboard, as well as a consolidated, intelligent view of their scan, asset, patch, penetration and other data. The Vulnerability Threat Prioritisation service is accessed through our Client Portal.

                Key Benefits:

                • Effective identification of threats: scans can be setup to run automatically or on demand
                • Asset prioritisation: discover which threats are most severe and how to quickly resolve
                • Intelligence-driven defence: leverages applied Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team to stay ahead of the threat
                • Real-time view of risk: Risk Meters provide a consolidated view of threats in real time

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