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                Mobile App Security Testing

                Get Confirmation That the Application, Supporting Backend Infrastructure, and Data Flows Are Secure and Compliant

                Ofcom's Communications Market Report, published in August 2015, revealed that smartphones had overtaken laptops and become the preferred device for accessing the Internet in the United Kingdom.

                This growing demand for mobile apps comes with an increase in targeted attacks to mobile users.

                Now, more than ever, you must ensure expert-level application security testing to mitigate risks and avoid devastating data breaches. There are several areas to address when developing apps. The app needs to protect sensitive information in transit. If data is stored on the backend, ensure only authorised users obtain access. Identify the types of sensitive data stored on the app and how to keep it secure. Lastly, you need an expert on staff to interpret the latest privacy and information security regulations that must be met to protect that data.

                Our Mobile Application Security Assessment services provide assurance that your mobile apps are secure. We provide you with a holistic and prioritised approach to testing mobile applications, which reduces your overall risk and remediation costs.

                A mobile application security assessment looks at the security and compliance risks of your entire solution from the app on the device, the backend systems, the network the app connects to, and the interaction and data flow between them. Security experts well-versed in application development and coding who know the weaknesses threat actors try to exploit will thoroughly evaluate your security controls and provide actionable steps you can take.

                Key Benefits:

                • Identify security risks: our security experts thoroughly test your apps for vulnerabilities
                • Improve app security: we’ll give you guidance to address identified security risks
                • Make your app compliant: we’ll ensure your app meets the latest regulatory requirements
                • Lower headcount costs: we’re here to serve as an extension of your mobile app team

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