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                Web API Testing

                Identify Risks and Strengthen Your Security Posture by Leveraging Our Team of Security Experts to Assess Your Web Services and APIs

                Identify risks and strengthen your security posture by leveraging our team of security experts to assess your web services and APIs.

                Web and mobile applications are only as secure as the backend systems that support them.

                Your Web Services and APIs are high-value targets for attackers. Typically used as application glue (“middleware”) to connect systems and support business operations, APIs provide valuable information for business-to-business transactions and back-end e-commerce functionality.

                These systems are often the ones that store or provide access to the most critical information or systems. Because of this, hackers spend a great amount of time looking for holes in these areas to exploit. It is critical that you have a team with the right skill set and tools to thoroughly examine your Web Services and APIs for vulnerabilities.

                Our Web API Testing services provide you with certified security testing experts that have in-depth knowledge of coding techniques and the packages used to deliver applications and services. We'll make sure that your data and backend systems are secure to reduce the risk of a threat actor stealing your confidential information.

                Key Benefits:

                • Identify security risks: our security experts will thoroughly test your Web Services and APIs
                • Improve API security: we’ll give you guidance to address any security concerns
                • Make your apps compliant: we’ll ensure your apps meet the latest regulatory requirements
                • Lower headcount costs: we’re here to serve as an extension of your app team

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