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                CISO/CSO Strategic Advisement

                Without a strategy, you are putting out trashcan fires while the whole building may be burning down

                Unfortunately, many Security Leaders are faced with too much to account for with too little time to strategise and properly develop an information security roadmap for the future.

                This approach typically leaves a Security Leader in tactical mode until a breach happens that forces an information security plan to be established.

                Secureworks CISO Strategic Advisement Services are customised and delivered by a team of former CISOs and other Executives that have designed and delivered successful information security programmes to organisations of all sizes and industries around the world. Secureworks will help you build or assess your CISO strategy, taking into account both an Executive level perspective of how you are going to build and support that programme and how the success of the programme will be conveyed to the Board and other Executives. The end goal is to align the programme to a measurable approach with an operational view that your CEO, CFO and Board will understand and support.

                What does it help you answer?

                • Is the cybersecurity plan designed from the lens of both Executives/Board and accounts for my industry?
                • Is the cybersecurity plan the result of a reaction to a breach or regulatory change and needs to be more proactive?
                • Does my programme take into account the threat landscape and risks that my organisation faces?
                • Does my programme have a measurable approach to it that can be metrics driven?
                • Is my programme being updated voluntarily and road mapped for years into the future?

                Executive Portfolio Services

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