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              Cyber Executive Protection Programme

              Protect the Executive. Protect the brand. Address an often-overlooked component of traditional Executive protection.

              Traditionally, Executive protection has focused solely on the physical aspect of security.

              With the proliferation of Executives and their families utilising IoT, Social Media and other avenues that put their information at risk, cybersecurity is an often-overlooked component of Executive protection, cybersecurity programmes and protection of an organisation’s brand.

              Secureworks Cyber Executive Protection Service is designed to analyse cybersecurity risks to a Principal, Principal’s family, and Principal’s close staff. This service helps the Principal and their organisation to implement the most effective and appropriate safeguards to protect the Principal’s personal information, reputation, online privacy, safety, and valuable time. The service also helps the Principal’s organisation assess the risk and exposure to the brand or reputational damage that could result from a successful cyber-attack on the Principal. Additionally, the engagement seeks to provide guidance on which specific risk factors to monitor regularly to ensure preparedness through optional courses of action, which can be taken if risks increase to an unacceptable level.

              What does it help you answer?

              • Is your organisation’s leadership worried about their own cybersecurity?
              • Does your traditional Executive protection programme cover information protection for Executives?
              • If your organisation’s top leader falls victim to a public cyber-attack, could it damage the organisation’s brand/reputation?
              • How exposed is the Principal and what is the likelihood and risk they, or their family, could fall victim to a cyber-attack or threat?

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