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                Cybersecurity Programme Maturity and Strategy Advisement

                Assess your current security maturity levels, define your target, develop your roadmap and optimise for the future

                Information security used to be focused on protecting the perimeter of the organisation.

                However, that clearly defined perimeter is disappearing with the inclusion of Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Social and outsourcing of business processes that handle sensitive data. As a result, organisations are challenged with developing and executing a cybersecurity strategy that accounts for an increasing amount of factors that present risk to an organisation.

                Secureworks Cybersecurity Programme Maturity and Strategy Advisement is focused on helping Security Leaders with a customised methodology refined over thousands of global engagements to help analyse an organisation’s current security maturity levels and roadmap according to their unique environment and industry. This comprehensive methodology includes detailed phases to help organisations on their cybersecurity strategy development journey such as:

                • Gathering information to understand the perception of security maturity levels, how security engages with the business, the organisation’s strategy overall and the business direction
                • Analysing the current state of cybersecurity maturity
                • Defining a security capability maturity target, with both business and security staff, to define exactly where they need to set their security benchmark
                • Developing a road map against the target
                • Implementation success factors and continued optimisation

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