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                Network Equipment Tests

                Identify If Network Connected Assets Such as Faxes, Modems and Wi-Fi Devices are Vulnerable to Attack and Develop Strategies to Secure Them

                How can Secureworks network equipment testing services help my organisation?

                It's easy to overlook the most mundane elements of your networks, such as faxes and modems. Did you know that legacy fax and modem devices across your organisation can be accessed by malicious, automated phone dialing systems?

                Your adversary knows how to access faxes and modems through traditional telephone carrier connection via phone auto-dialer attacks, also known as war dialing services that probe the simplest of network devices. They also know how to find weaknesses in rogue access points on your wireless network.

                Wi-Fi networks have inherent risks that can come from improperly secured infrastructure, rogue access points and wireless clients themselves. Many wireless security methods, such as MAC filtering and pre-shared keys, are no longer effective defensive measures of protection.

                Secureworks’ Wireless Network Equipment Testing evaluates and assesses your compliance to strengthen the security of your wireless network/infrastructure or modem-enabled systems. We look for rogue access points and other points of unauthorised entry. Upon identifying vulnerabilities, we work with you to create a strategy to improve problem areas and strengthen your defenses.

                Key Benefits:

                • Meet compliance: we’ll ensure devices on your network meet the latest regulatory requirements
                • Lower costs: by reducing risks, you’ll be more secure and less vulnerable to attack and data loss
                • Improve security posture: we’ll use “real-world”testing to reduce risks in your infrastructure

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