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                Meet PCI Compliance

                Meet PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Requirements or Identify Gaps

                Every year organisations handling credit and debit card information have to prove they have met all the requirements of PCI DSS throughout the year, not just for the annual audit.

                With rules governing everything from data encryption to network segmentation, meeting PCI DSS requirements can be difficult to achieve, let alone maintain. It is a continuous effort that can be both time-consuming as well as daunting.

                Our team of expert consultants can help you address these challenges:

                • A PCI Readiness Assessment will eliminate any surprises by helping your organisation prepare to pass the annual audit; or to help you build a compliant cardholder data environment and infrastructure that passes muster. PCI Compliance Gap Analysis helps you use PCI compliance as the baseline for creating and implementing a broader information security strategy. You'll find out where improvements are needed and what steps to take to close the gaps.

                • PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire can make compliance easier for organisations with lower transaction volumes. But it's helpful to have the guidance of PCI industry experts to ensure your responses are in line with each requirement.

                • A PCI Report on Compliance (ROC) is required by organisations with large transaction volume and must be conducted by a Qualified Security Assessor who will issue a formal report to the PCI Council to attest that your organisation is in full compliance. Our QSAs will help you successfully complete the audit.

                PCI Remediation Support is available to help organisations retain compliance, once they have achieved it by tailoring necessary remediation plans to your specific environment and helping you to achieve them.

                Key Benefits:

                • Assess your PCI posture: assess the state of your compliance efforts and identify gaps
                • Expert consulting: get assistance with the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and other requirements
                • Remediate policy gaps: guidance to remediate issues and meet compliance requirements
                • Managing compliance: help handling your security and log monitoring needs

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