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                Security Design and Architecture

                Custom Security Design for Your Business

                Designing a robust and flexible security architecture will benefit many areas of your business. Our trained experts will take you through the process step by step to review that your security is sound and your risks are mitigated.

                Your business deserves a well-designed security architecture that will satisfy risk, compliance and operational requirements. Our experienced consultants design comprehensive security architectures all the time. We have first-hand knowledge of industry best practices and compliance requirements, and lots of experience with a variety of security tools.

                First we review your existing infrastructure, security controls and policies with a keen focus on potential threats and their impact. Then our experts will design a robust security architecture that will scale as your business changes and grows.

                With a powerful design in place, we help you implement security processes and services. Part of our implementation process includes validating the risk levels, security policies and architecture standards we recommend. After validation, our trained consultants show you how to manage and monitor your information security architecture for optimum protection and performance.

                Don’t neglect the foundation of a good security programme. Use our expertise to understand your risk and create the strongest security architecture design for your business.

                Key Benefits:

                • Assess: our experts assess the risk to your business data
                • Design: we design a security programme based on your business needs and risk areas
                • Validate: we go beyond design to implement and validate our security recommendations
                • Manage: we also show you how to optimise security management for on-going success

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