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                Security Health Check

                Don't Ignore the Front Door to Your Data

                How well are your key security components able to protect your organisation's data? Our experts will thoroughly examine front-line security devices like firewalls, VPNs, scanners, routers and switches and tune them for optimum protection.

                Frontline security defences take the first stand against threats to vital data. If your devices are not configured properly, they could open the front door to attackers and thieves. Our trained consultants will perform a Security Health Check to identify and fix configuration weaknesses that affect how well your devices operate and protect.

                As part of our Security Health Check Services, experienced security experts will assess, analyse and remediate improper configurations affecting physical and virtual security components. Firewalls VPNs, routers, switches, scanners and more receive a thorough tune-up.

                First we examine your requirements, systems rules, usage and configurations with regard to security risk and exposure. Then our consultants review select components of your security infrastructure to identify resource and configuration issues that could compromise security. At the end of the engagement, you will receive detailed and prioritised recommendations to resolve the issues we find. Fast and precise, our Security Health Check Services will optimise the performance of your security devices to reduce exposure to threats.

                Key Benefits:

                • Examine: our experts assess key components and configurations
                • Analyse: we find security weaknesses in existing components
                • Optimise: you receive detailed recommendations to improve security devices
                • Protect: your frontline security components are fine-tuned to protect against threats

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