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                Security Residency and Implementation

                Extend and Heighten Your Security Expertise and Capabilities With Our Experienced Information Security Experts 

                Avoid putting off your major security initiatives due to a lack of security expertise. Get the right security talent in place to initiate and manage your key information security projects.

                Managing security, risk and compliance in a changing landscape requires you to have the right skills and expertise available. The pool of qualified professionals with deep, specialised security knowledge and experience is limited. Compounding this problem is your hiring department or executive leadership not understanding the specific qualifications and experience needed to solve your particular security challenges. Hiring the wrong person is not only costly, but can potentially harm your overall security posture.

                Due to Secureworks’ recognised reputation in information security, we are able to attract and retain top security professionals in the industry and put this talent to work for you on complex security programmes requiring strategic oversight. We understand the skill sets, certifications, methodologies, and experience to look for in a highly-competent security professional. Besides clear security and technical expertise, we also look for business acumen. Our resident consultants must understand business, know how to prioritise findings that balance risk with your particular circumstances, and effectively communicate with technical and non-technical audiences.

                A Resident is typically a subject matter expert in an area of information security and helps you fill gaps on your team. They are typically versed in both business and technical skill sets, providing a balance that offers maximum value to you.

                Typical roles include:

                Key Benefits:

                • Flexibility: we staff senior security experts to help with your security challenges
                • Accelerate security: we can lead your strategic security initiatives
                • Mature your security: gain experienced staff to help strengthen your security

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