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                Phishing Click and Log

                Simulated Phishing Attacks Test Employee Vigilance

                It's one thing to provide security awareness training, but another to know that the training has successfully changed employee behavior in your favor. A Managed Phishing Training and Testing program will test your employees' responses to reinforce learning.

                Telling friends from foes in the digital world is not getting any easier. Attackers are going the extra mile to craft phishing attacks that will entice members of your organization to click on malicious links and email attachments.

                In many cases, adversaries are conducting extensive reconnaissance on their targets, using social networks and other means to gather information that can be used to build a better lure to trap their victims. It only takes one click for attackers to make their way around your organization's security.

                To address this challenge, you need to prepare your employees for the types of real-world attacks they will experience. Managed Phishing training provides fully-managed testing, analysis and reporting of employee responses to simulated phishing attacks.

                Employees who fail the tests are presented with a "teachable moment" that discusses what they did wrong and should look for in the future to reinforce learning and change behavior. They'll also receive additional training one mail security or URL identification and get added to a "remediation phishing" group that will be sent an additional phish test after the conclusion of the previous campaign.

                Benefits of managed phishing:

                • Measure improvement in employee vigilance over time
                • Get an independent assessment of employee susceptibility to phishing attacks
                • Use testing results to adapt testing to areas and employees of greatest risk
                • Reduce the number of employee clicks on malicious emails

                Key Benefits:

                • Test employees on real-world threats: train employees to spot and avoid phishing attacks.
                • Coach employees on how to improve: offer extra training and teachable moments for those who need it
                • Strengthen your security long-term: measure improvements to security through employee vigilance.

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