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                Advanced Threat Solutions

                Employ Information Security Services to Combat Targeted Cybersecurity Threats

                Your organisation’s ability to thrive and grow is dependent on how well you can protect its digital infrastructure. Empower your security team with services that address the entire cyberattack cycle, helping them make more confident decisions about defence.

                Time and visibility are critical components for defending against cyberattacks, specifically, how long it takes to detect and respond to a threat. Speed of detection can make all the difference to your organisation by reducing potential business disruption, protecting brand reputation and reducing remediation costs. Making the switch from reactionary measures to proactive ones by selecting Advanced Threat Services that complement your existing security program will keep the focus where it should be: on successfully growing your business.

                Advanced Threat Services are fueled by the more than 70 full-time security researchers in our Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) who provide intelligence that extends the visibility into cyber threats beyond the edges of a network. This intelligence, applied to the suite of services, enables organisations to resist targeted cyberattacks by expanding visibility to reduce the time it takes to see and respond to them.

                Advanced Threat Services help security teams to elevate security defences effectively to:

                • Predict how threat actors may target your organisation with the latest threat intelligence
                • Prevent cyberattacks from escalating
                • Detect the threat actor's tradecraft
                • Respond to disrupt the Kill Chain
                • Eradicate the adversary from your environment

                SecureWorks Advanced Threat Services include:

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