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                CBEST Threat Intelligence

                The intelligent approach to realistic threat-based testing

                For successful intelligence-led testing, it pays to be intelligent about who you work with. For testing to add the most value, it has to be founded on realistic, in-depth threat knowledge.

                Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR), incorporating the Bank of England’s CBEST standard, is the new way of testing your defences against known threats. The first phase of any CBEST or STAR intelligence-led engagement is the Threat Intelligence Assessment. This analysis of likely real-world threats that will target your organisation underpins the testing phase. Without the latest intelligence, you can’t take an intelligent approach to testing against an agile and ever changing threat.

                Secureworks’ threat intelligence capabilities are behind everything we do to protect you. Our experts are some of the most highly regarded in the world, drawn from the private security, military and intelligence communities.

                They analyse data from across thousands of global networks, gathering over 150 billion events a day across our client base. We comb the cyber underground for intelligence and leverage relationships throughout the security community to identify and protect you against the latest emerging threats that might impact your company.

                It’s this unparalleled level of information that sets us apart as a CBEST provider and means that Secureworks is accredited by CREST to deliver CBEST threat intelligence.

                Whether you have been directed to undertake CBEST or are looking to perform your own STAR assessment, Secureworks wants to help.

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