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                Global Threat Intelligence

                Threat Intelligence Services That Deliver Early Warning and Actionable Insights Based on Data From Threats Collected

                Threat intelligence is about improving your understanding of the likelihood that your organisation will be breached. The adage is true: knowledge is power. Looking at the threat landscape beyond your perimeter is a savvy choice, but hard to do on your own.

                Today’s cybercriminals are less predictable, more persistent and resourceful, better funded and well organised. Even if an organisation resists one attack, the threat actors will quickly shift to use new tools, tactics and procedures (TTP) faster than your security team can respond. This makes detecting sophisticated attacks more difficult. With access to the latest threat intelligence and analysis, it becomes possible for you to know what is happening now, how it’s happening, who’s behind it and what they may want from your organisation.

                A threat intelligence service primed with global visibility across thousands of client networks that uses proprietary toolsets for analysis will deliver early warning and actionable insights to help you reduce risk. Our security research team analyses intelligence to unfold the story of what is likely to happen based on your environment and critical data assets, empowering you to take proactive action to remove vulnerabilities and align security with the business.

                Global Threat Intelligence services provide:

                • Proactive, actionable intelligence tailored to your environment
                • Clear, concise threat and vulnerability analyses
                • Detailed remediation information and recommendations
                • Consultation with our threat experts
                • On-demand access to extensive threat and vulnerability databases
                • Malware analysis upon request
                • XML intelligence feeds
                • Integration with other Secureworks services for correlation and unified reporting

                Key Benefits:

                • Who: Hacktivist, cybercriminal or State-sponsored espionage
                • What: Protecting your critical data assets—key terrain
                • Where: Understand a threat actor’s tactics, techniques and procedures
                • When: Early warning with actionable insights before a breach
                  can occur

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