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                Targeted Threat Intelligence

                Identify Advanced Threats and the Actors Behind Them, Gain Insight With Tailored Intelligence Into Ongoing Exploits

                Targeted cybersecurity threats represent the greatest challenge to information security and the financial well-being of your organisation.

                The stakes are high and involve the potential for intellectual property theft, financial loss, the compromise of client information, public embarrassment and, ultimately, the health and longevity of your organisation. A targeted threat actor will select their target and marshal the resources needed to launch a sustained campaign against your organisation. Now more than ever, you must have greater visibility to threats beyond the edges of your network.

                Secureworks' Targeted Threat Intelligence services give you the actionable security intelligence and expert security consultation needed to monitor for threats beyond the edges of your network. Get access to elite threat intelligence research identifying new tools, tactics and procedures, and discuss your concerns directly with expert resources, when you need them. Targeted Threat Intelligence is offered as an ongoing service subscription or point-in-time service based on your needs.

                Ongoing Service Subscription-Enterprise Brand Surveillance

                This service provides real-time monitoring of information outlets to identify threat actors targeting your organisation, so you can quickly and effectively prepare countermeasures to protect networks, systems, executives, assets and your brand reputation. The Enterprise Brand Surveillance service delivers compelling, actionable intelligence on threats specific to your enterprise. Enterprise Brand Surveillance provides direct consultative support to keep your security team apprised of activities by actors that may pose a threat to your organisation.

                Enterprise Brand Surveillance helps you:

                • Get real-time visibility into threat actors targeting your organisation or key personnel
                • Preserve your organisation’s financial and reputational integrity
                • Receive notifications about public data leaks that may compromise your security or introduce new risk

                Point-in-Time Services

                Info Briefs and Threat Profiles are standalone engagements that you can leverage for a specific point in time. Both of these services provide a one-time report compiled of research that will help you understand what information an attacker could compile on your organisation or key individuals. Determining how in-depth of a report your organisation will need will drive which point-in-time engagement will best fit your needs. Info Briefs are a more concise report, while Threat Profiles are more comprehensive and require more research hours to complete.

                Point-in-Time services help you:

                • Understand which attack scenarios are most likely to be launched against your company and why
                • Assess the potential impact of publicly available data to your security posture
                • Better understand the threats posed by public information sources
                • Minimise attack surface and restrict potentially damaging information from greater public disclosure
                • Determine the effectiveness of clients’ existing policies in limiting inadvertent disclosure by employees and former employees

                Key Benefits:

                • Tailored intelligence: receive intelligence that is specific to your environment
                • Increase visibility: find out who may be specifically targeting your organisation and why
                • Protect your assets: find out what makes your organisation attractive to threat actors
                • Access to elite threat intelligence research: identify new tools, tactics and procedures of threat actors

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