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                Vulnerability Management

                What is Vulnerability Management?

                Vulnerabilities emerge every day within new networks, web applications and databases. They may occur due to software defects or misconfigurations of information systems. Because they can be exploited by cyber attackers, it is essential to eliminate these exposures to protect your critical IT assets and safeguard sensitive information.

                The Secureworks Vulnerability Management Service delivers vulnerability assessments of your environment using:

                1. The Qualys scanning solution for automated and recurring vulnerability scanning that delivers vulnerability scan reports, remediation recommendations, and the ability to track workflow, reporting, and trending of your environment.
                2. Secureworks VMS services that range from VMS Gold Co-Managed—which maximises the utlitiy of your vulnerability scanning tool by configuring your assets, scan schedules, and reports—to VMS Platinum Programme Managed—which provides scanning implementation, report analysis, vulnerability prioritisation based on business context, tracking the progress of internal and/or third party IT Ops teams against remediation actions, and overall management of your VMS Programme.

                The Top Challenges Organisations Face When Addressing Vulnerability Management

                According to research conducted by Gartner, through 2020, 99 percent of vulnerabilities exploited by threat actors will continue to be ones known by security and IT professionals for at least one year. This means that it’s essential for organisations to take intelligent action today to improve their security posture. Below are some challenges facing security and IT professionals today as they strive for an effective Vulnerability Programme:

                “It Probably (Hopefully) Won’t Happen To Me” Mentality

                Comprehensive vulnerability management, a foundational component of an organisation’s security posture, can be difficult to manage due to time and resource constraints. Some may not feel the urgency until an actual breach, but by then it is too late. A proactive, well-managed vulnerability programme is always preferable over a reactive approach to security.

                Convincing Leadership Of The Need for a Vulnerability Management Programme

                Frequently, we see security professionals struggling to explain to leadership why perimeter defences and client firewalls are not adequate replacements for a comprehensive vulnerability management programme. Also, some believe that that if their external scans do not show many vulnerabilities, there is no cause for concern for the organisation, which is misleading.

                A 36,000 Page PDF Report Does Not Help Me

                After a VMS programme is deployed, periodic scans are set up, and reports are scheduled. Once the reports start rolling out, most Security and IT professionals are overwhelmed by the amount of data in a single report. The data is complicated, confusing, and too general for the needs of their organisation.

                White Paper Authenticated Scanning Is an Important Part of Your Vulnerability Management Solution

                Qualys reports that more than 50 percent of clients perform authenticated scanning, which provides more detailed results from hosts and helps to eliminate false positives.

                Instead of viewing your infrastructure as a hacker would, without login credentials, authenticated scanning provides an inside view from the perspective of an authorised user. As a result, authenticated scanning allows for a deeper view of vulnerabilities present in your environment.

                Authenticated scanning enhances the power of Secureworks Vulnerability Management solution to help clients identify and prioritise the remediation of vulnerabilities. This helps reduce the risk of a vulnerability leading to the compromise of your data, while helping drive compliance with industry regulations and securing the devices and data that support and drive your business.

                Vulnerability Management
                White Paper Justifying the ROI For a Vulnerability Management Solution

                You have deployed a vulnerability management solution. It is a necessary step and an important part of protecting your data and devices from the threat actors who want to get their hands on your information. The next step is demonstrating the programme's efficiency to your board of directors and executive leadership.

                Secureworks Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) collaborates with Qualys Vulnerability Management technology to make reporting scan results easy to understand.

                Secureworks Vulnerability Management provides you with customised reports and dashboards that map to your unique scope and use case. Our powerful indexing on the back end enbales:

                • Fast visibility to locate assets
                • Drill-down reporting capabilities
                • Information to help perform patching or demonstrate compliance.

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