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                Case Studies

                Intelligence Ltd. Case Study

                Recruitment Firm Delivers Services Faster with Security Diagnostic Testing

                There is intense competition in the personnel services industry, and in order to build and grow its business, Intelligence strives to get the most out of its investments in IT. 

                The company’s IT strategy involves building synergies across three areas: workflow, knowledge, and people. The Business Innovation (BI) Office at Intelligence runs the IT strategy for the whole company. As a recruitment firm, Intelligence is responsible for securing personal information, and the company is aware that any risk to its data could endanger the whole business.

                Business Need:
                Intelligence Ltd. wanted to improve service delivery and avoid delays in new platform rollouts. To do so, it needed the tools to diagnose and track vulnerabilities across its portfolio of websites.

                The recruitment firm worked with SecureWorks to implement a ticket-based process to catalog and prioritize security testing, such as penetration testing, web application testing, and mobile application testing to prevent delays to upgrades and new releases.

                • Implementation of ticket system reduces diagnostic costs by 20 percent
                • Manual work tasks are eliminated through access to diagnostic services
                • Rapid testing within one week speeds up release of upgrades and new services
                • Boost in confidence of personal data security across company’s sites and services  

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