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              Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

              Enhanced with Secureworks CTU™ Endpoint Intelligence


              Employing proprietary Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ Endpoint Intelligence Technology, Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection service heightens your situational awareness by warning you when endpoints may have been compromised and pinpointing exactly which systems are compromised.

              The Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection service utilises lightweight sensors across your servers, laptop and desktop devices. The sensors continuously monitor registry, file system, process tables, memory and other areas of operation for signs of compromise. The "always-on" nature of the endpoint security solution gives you the earliest possible warning when threat indicators are detected.


              • Improves situational awareness by detecting signs of endpoint compromise
              • Accelerates response times by pinpointing affected systems quickly
              • Reduces costs by allowing patching of systems versus reimaging
              • Reduces exposure to targeted threats and fortifies defences
              • Minimises the extent of data loss
              • Increases confidence in system integrity and data confidentiality

              AETD and AETD Elite with Red Cloak™

              AETD with Carbon Black®

              AETD with Crowdstrike®

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