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              Advanced Remediation Management (ARM)

              Level 2 Event Analysis Services for Timely, Personalised and Informed Security Decisions

              Secureworks Advanced Remediation Management (ARM) is designed to be a seamlessly integrated managed consulting service that provides a highly skilled team to deliver deeper event analysis, building upon the Secureworks Counter Threat PlatformTM (CTP) and cross-functional teams.

              Personalised correlation and analysis of various client-deployed security tools or applications results in further escalation or remediation as needed. This ARM service swivels between systems to provide a deep level of analysis yielding clear business context that consolidates everything into one big picture, allowing you to make the most informed security decisions possible. This team also orchestrates remediation, participates in root cause analysis and provides continuous feedback into our other managed security services for sustained improvements.

              Benefits of Advanced Remediation Management:

              • Seamlessly integrates into the client's security environment
              • An elite, highly skilled team delivers deeper event analysis, utilising The Secureworks Counter Threat
              • Platform™ (CTP), client tools and many cross-functional teams
              • Personalised correlation and analysis utilising various client-deployed security tools or applications
              • Results in further escalation or remediation of security incidents for corrective action with defined business and threat context
              • Enables you to make timely and most informed security decisions possible
              • Swivels between systems to apply human intelligence and personalised correlation to achieve the necessary business context

              How Advanced Remediation Management works:

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              Advanced Remediation Management

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