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                Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD) - Red Cloak™

                Slash the time required to detect and respond to threats by maximising visibility on your endpoints and receiving actionable guidance to remediate threats, even those that use no malware

                AETD - Red Cloak™ is an always-on endpoint monitoring service that continuously monitors your endpoints for signs of adversary activity, and maintains a record of key forensic activity necessary to make response activities as efficient as possible.

                SecureWorks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD) service with Red Cloak will improve your security situational awareness by continuously monitoring your endpoints and warning you when endpoints may have been compromised. Red Cloak delivers Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) threat intelligence directly to the endpoint, providing valuable visibility and correlation with network level controls to determine the potential impact of a threat and reduce the time and effort to respond, even when the adversary is using no malware.

                Client Benefits
                • Provides the earliest possible warning that your endpoints have been compromised
                • Detects more types of threats by leveraging CTU intelligence to detect advanced malware and adversary behaviour
                • Reduces incident response costs by pinpointing exactly which endpoints are compromised
                • Provides actionable guidance to remediate, which helps you eradicate the threat earlier in the kill chain to prevent or minimise data loss
                • Makes existing investments more effective by helping to determine if alerts from your IDS/IPS/Firewall is a real threat
                • Hosted solution that works with a mobile workforce and reduces client total cost of ownership (TCO)
                • Integration with SecureWorks Incident Response Services

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