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                4 Challenges Commonly Seen in SecureWorks Consulting Engagements

                Growth, incidents, people and new technologies

                All consulting engagements are unique to each organisation.

                However there are commonalities seen in the challenges almost every organisation faces that must be accounted for during SecureWorks engagements. From business growth through acquisitions and mergers to incident preparedness and the adoption of new technologies, there are common themes that must be remedied for any organisation that wishes to align security risk with the needs of the business.

                In this video Hadi Hosn, SecureWorks Head of Security Strategy and GRC Consulting, gives a quick overview of 4 of the most common challenges SecureWorks consulting engagements are faced with.


                The most common challenges we encounter when we engage with clients at SecureWorks I would summarise them as 4 key challenges. Business growth, clients and their business are growing with new acquisitions, mergers, invested in new regions, and security unfortunately is not usually growing at the speed of the business. Organisations have to prioritize their investments and try to focus on what matters most to the business.

                Another area for challenges would be incidents. Organisation either have faced an incident or have heard of other organisations facing incidents and how prepared they are to respond to those incidents is a challenge that they usually require support with.

                A third is potentially the capability they have internally as an organisation and the team that they’ve hired. Finding security staff is very difficult and they usually want partners to give them creative ways of trying to invest in security and handle the operational activities at the same time.

                The fourth and final I believe is the investments in technology and the changes in new infrastructures, cloud deployments and bring your own device initiatives that address the challenges that security is usually facing and try to identify secure ways of using those new technologies is always a challenge for a new security function.

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