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                How Does SecureWorks Source It's Security Experts?

                Building experts to innovate and improve our security consulting practice.

                Every organisation struggles with finding IT security experts that have both a technical understanding of security but can tie it back to the principles of risk management and business strategy.

                While sourcing the right people is one step, it's the continued education and collaboration that allows SecureWorks to deliver industry leading cybersecurity consulting services.

                In this video Hadi Hosn, SecureWorks Head of Security Strategy and GRC Consulting in EMEA, gives a quick overview of how SecureWorks sources our IT security experts and the culture that continues to build their security skill set.


                It's interesting finding people is a struggle across organisations that we've worked with and also across our clients. We try to get people who are educated though courses that are technical but also have an understanding of risk management and consulting. They don't have to be specialised security talent as we can help build that into their thinking and improve their performance through education and courses that we send them on within SecureWorks.

                SecureWorks as a whole is an organisation that believes in a startup culture, believes in individuals that can bring ideas to the table and take it forward as an individual or as a part of a team. And we like to get talented people together to start thinking about how we can innovate and improve our security consulting performance.

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