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              Four Steps to Bolster Security and Meet GDPR Compliance

              How to make your security posture GDPR-ready in four fundamental and easy-to-understand, practical steps

              Time is running out for complying with GDPR.

              It’s vital that organisations that have not yet started preparation ensure that they are aware of their obligations under GDPR and start to put a programme in place now.

              That makes it important that you identify and prioritise as soon as possible critical risks as well as key issues and business objectives relating to your compliance programme. GDPR requires that this is done using a risk-based approach that enables you to assess impact to data subjects and to the business.

              Yet rather than only posing a major compliance burden, GDPR also offers the opportunity to signpost ethical business values and build customer trust. To maximise these benefits and minimise the risks, taking the right approach to compliance before the deadline is vital.

              This paper explains four highly practical key steps to take to get your security posture ready for GDPR compliance.

              What You Will Learn:

              • The importance of taking a risk-based approach to GDPR security readiness
              • Why you need to start by mapping data flows within your organisation and outwards to third parties
              • Why a GDPR gap analysis isn’t enough to create your GDPR security programme
              • The ongoing requirements of a functional GDPR security programme

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