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                Industry-Specific Cybersecurity Solutions

                Understand how we solve the unique cybersecurity issues for financial, manufacturing and retail

                Industry-Specific Cybersecurity Solutions

                Learn how we solve the unique cybersecurity challenges for financial, manufacturing and retail.

                EXPLORE OUR Industry-Specific SOLUTIONS

                • Financial Industry Cybersecurity

                  Cybersecurity Threats to the Financial Sector

                  While there are a multitude of cyberattacks that hit financial institutions, ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are quite common. Attackers disrupt your services, and while you check to see what happened they steal money from your accounts.
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                • Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity

                  Manufacturing IoT Security Mishaps

                  As more IoT smart manufacturing technology connects to the internet, more cyber vulnerabilities will be exploited by companies engaging in industrial espionage around the world. Look where to start to prevent and detect attackers.
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                • Retail Industry Cybersecurity

                  Security Risks in a Retail Environment

                  Retailers face, on average, at least eight cyber-attacks per year, according to the 2016 BDO Retail RiskFactor Report. POS systems are a main attraction for attackers and can be hacked either remotely or directly in the store.
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