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              Understand Vulnerabilities Inherent to Manufacturing Cybersecurity

              Secure your creations and intellectual property

              Internet of Things (IoT) security issues could plague the manufacturing industry more than any other.

              Internetworking -- that is connecting your network with other networks, such as those of your vendors and contractors -- may simplify conducting business, but it could allow cyber attackers even more opportunities to steal your data. Your network security architecture and that of your business associates who connect with your network can either make it simple or difficult for an attacker to steal your manufacturing data.

              The theft of your trade secrets, blueprints, or designs can allow a competitor anywhere in the world to create your products, sell them far cheaper and put your company out of business. Your network, supply chain and IoT systems can all put your business at risk, and to protect it, you need the right defences.

              Case Studies

              Second Opinion Uncovers Cybersecurity Holes Fortune 1000 manufacturer closes big security gaps after double-checking its cyberdefences with help from SecureWorks READ NOW


              When Good Security Tech Breaks Bad VIEW NOW

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              Eliminating The Blind Spot DOWNLOAD
              Threat Actors Use Endpoints to Target Manufacturers
              Threat Actors Use Endpoints to Target Manufacturers

              One of the top ways threat actors break into manufacturers’ networks is via phishing emails and drive-by downloads. Unsuspecting employees click on links and attachments that happen to be malicious. In other cases, credentials can be stolen with no malware. Be able to spot anomalous and malicious activity as soon as it begins.

              • Prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats
              • See how endpoint protection aids in forensic investigations
              • Leverage cybersecurity analysts to aid in detection

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